​​DIXIE LEE MILLS lives in Santa Cruz and jumped into comedy last year with a one-hour show called Adolescence 2.0.  Yes it's an unusual entrance to comedy. it just happened. Dixie endured internet dating for 8 months, and, well, you can't make up stuff this weird or funny.

Dixie reveals all in her stand-up show about middle-aged adolescence.  Cruise with Dixie through stories about weight loss, Pilates, shaving, masturbation, and of course, internet dating.  Spoiler alert: the show is ultimately about transformation and love.  Warning: while the poster is filled with delightful illustrations, the show has a raunch factor that is somewhere between Amy Schumer and Margaret Cho.

Adolescence 2.0 premiered in 2016 in Santa Cruz at Center Stage and Motion Pacific (excerpt), and also in San Francisco at The Marsh (excerpts). Dixie also presented the entire show in DC's Capital Fringe last year.  DC Metro kindly gave her 4 out of 5 stars (in case you missed that on the home page, where it is featured twice!)

Dixie has continued to develop Adolescence 2.0, and it seems that a second show is beginning to take shape. The new show will be family inspired.  Not family friendly, that's totally different.

Dixie has actually been performing her entire life.  Here are some selected highlights in no particular order:

* Directed the Santa Cruz Fringe Festivals from '12 - '14

* Earned an M.F.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography from University of Colorado in Boulder in the 90's

* Created many wacky dance/theater/spectacle projects over the years in NYC, Seattle, Santa Cruz, Boulder and more... projects like The Lonely, Post-Modern, Artsy-Fartsy Peep Show and The Thinnest Woman with the Fewest Wrinkles Wins (appearing respectively at Tribeca Cinemas and Joyce Soho in NYC)

* Performed 6 months pregnant and naked in Italy on a raked stage in a walled-in, medieval community overlooking the Adriatic sea

* Won the title of Miss Majorette of America and got to perform for thousands with James Brown at a Hall of Fame Bowl halftime show (back in the 80's!)